Legacy on Me Teasers September 2022 – Latest Episodes

Legacy on Me Teasers September 2022


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Thursday 1 September 2022
Episode 176

New dawn

With James by her side, Felicity dispatches old enemies, and sets Legacy’s course for a bright new future. Petra must reveal her secret to SJ, knowing it could destroy them both.

Monday 5 September 2022
Episode 177

Power and other developments

James seduces Felicity into enjoying the spoils of her newfound power. Despite everything that she’s going through, Dineo gives SJ some pearls of wisdom.

Tuesday 6 September 2022
Episode 178

A fighting chance

Changes made by the power couple at Legacy offices leave many unsettled… Petra feels like the walls are closing in on her as she struggles to plan for her future.

Wednesday 7 September 2022
Episode 179

New directions

James continues to undermine Felicity at Legacy. Who will come out on top? Petra does what she thinks is right for her. But is it right for someone else?

Thursday 8 September 2022
Episode 180

A twisted approach

James comes up with a way to establish complete control over Felicity. Petra and Jonno connect over the recent event, which Petra uses to make an earnest, heart-felt appeal…

Monday 12 September 2022
Episode 181

Well done, James

James uncovers a dark secret that will change everything. Petra makes her choice. But is it the right one?

Tuesday 13 September 2022
Episode 182

Power struggles

James unearths Felicity’s dark secret as the other Price women unearth new information about him too. Petra’s family and friends doubt her decisions.

Wednesday 14 September 2022
Episode 183

Flesh and bone

The Prices conspire to free Felicity from James’ grasp – but James has a surprise of his own. Will SJ be able to accept Petra’s decisions, or will he fight for another chance?

Thursday 15 September 2022
Episode 184

Home alone

At last, James has Felicity exactly where he wants her. Is it the end for the Price family and Legacy? Petra’s lie begins to fester – it can’t stay hidden forever…

Monday 19 September 2022
Episode 185

Complete control

James has complete control of Felicity, and she must dig deep if she’s to find a way out. Dineo, Elizabeth, and Angelique gather for a war party to take back control of Legacy.

Tuesday 20 September 2022
Episode 186

To new beginnings

Angelique reveals one of her biggest, darkest secrets. Fame arrives for Charmaine – but is she ready?

Wednesday 21 September 2022
Episode 187

No parachute

Felicity finds her core once more, she’s taking back what is hers. Angelique decides to save Felicity at any cost. Charmaine lets Damon back into Devon’s life.

Thursday 22 September 2022
Episode 188

Dirty business

Felicity prepares to take desperate measures to free herself from James. Charmaine finds herself in a compromised position when her past comes back to haunt her.

Monday 26 September 2022
Episode 189

Now or never

It’s the last roll of the dice for Dineo, Angelique and Elizabeth. As the past sneaks up on Charmaine, she gets a horrifying text message.

Tuesday 27 September 2022
Episode 190

Get out!

The Price family scrambles to get Felicity away from James clutches. Charmaine finds her problems multiplying as Damon threatens her with secrets from her past.

Wednesday 28 September 2022
Episode 191

Bad barter

Felicity barters her soul in a plot to stop James. Time us running out for Charmaine as Damon’s ruinous threat looms…

Thursday 29 September 2022
Episode 192

Poisoned cup

As James tightens his grip on Legacy and Felicity, Felicity hatches a desperate plan to rid herself of James – for good. Willem suspects Charmaine of an affair – but the truth is far darker…


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