Elif 3 Teasers: August 2022 Episodes of Elif 3 Teasers


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Monday 1 August 2022
Episode 76 (489)

Melek and Yusuf unknowingly race to the same factory. Umit’s plan succeeds and Melek is hurt. Arzu is close to getting revenge for Tugce’s death. Selim discovers Zeynep’s secret.

Tuesday 2 August 2022
Episode 77 (490)

Yusuf lands in trouble when he goes looking for Melek. The Emiroglu’s find out that both Melek and Elif are missing. Arzu takes her fury out on Umit, when she finds out that Melek is still alive.

Wednesday 3 August 2022
Episode 78 (491)

Melek and Selim go on a search hunt for Elif. Arzu wants to take revenge for her daughter’s death, once and for all.

Thursday 4 August 2022
Episode 79 (492)

Melek and Elif are safely back home, but Elif isn’t doing very well. Umit and Arzu decide to make a run for it. Will Yusuf manage to catch them before they leave?

Friday 5 August 2022
Episode 80 (493)

Yusuf confronts Arzu before she and Umit get away. Melek is filled with fear for Elif’s safety. Elif and Inci make a plan to see Yusuf.

Monday 8 August 2022
Episode 81 (494)

Umit takes Arzu to a place where they’ll be safe, but she’s not impressed at all. Asuman ropes Rabia into a sneaky plan of hers.

Tuesday 9 August 2022
Episode 82 (495)

Asuman’s plan to impress her friends backfires badly. Melek is relieved when Yusuf is taken into custody. Gonga takes back contol of her home when she finds out Arzu is not there.

Wednesday 10 August 2022
Episode 83 (496)

Arzu is not impressed with her new role. Elif is not allowed to go to school, and later she tells everybody that she wants to visit Yusuf, which makes Melek really mad. Selim suspects that Umit is lying to him.

Thursday 11 August 2022
Episode 84 (497)

Elif desperately wants to help Yusuf. Selim is starting to doubt Umit. Asuman manages to get Arzu to make a move but with unexpected consequences for Arzu.

Friday 12 August 2022
Episode 85 (498)

Elif visits Yusuf in jail, and everyone is upset with Zeynep for keeping secrets. The girls at the workshop beg Melek to come back.

Monday 15 August 2022
Episode 86 (499)

Umit is starting to win Arzu over. Elif and Taylan are in trouble with a group of older schoolboys. The Emiroglus receive both good and bad news.

Tuesday 16 August 2022
Episode 87 (500)

Yusuf receives important information about Arzu’s past. Arzu decides to face Gonca about her inheritance. Selim goes to the Doroklar office to find out who the company belongs to.

Wednesday 17 August 2022
Episode 88 (501)

Selim misinterprets a moment between Zeynep and Emrah and acts rashly. Will Zeynep forgive him? Melek and Yusuf get themselves in a pickle at the workshop.

Thursday 18 August 2022
Episode 89 (502)

Melek and Yusuf can’t get out of the workshop, and he uses the chance to try and make amends. Zeynep is at Veysel’s house and doesn’t want anything to do with Selim.

Friday 19 August 2022
Episode 90 (503)

Yusuf tracks Arzu and Umit down and makes a lot of threats. Bahriye pushes Feride past her breaking point and a fight ensues.

Monday 22 August 2022
Episode 91 (504)

Elif is bullied by three older boys and Yusuf comes to her rescue. Selim sees Zeynep getting out of Emrah’s car and drives off in a huff. Erkut gets impatient with Asuman’s stalling.

Tuesday 23 August 2022
Episode 92 (505)

Tulay is very concerned about Zeynep and Selim’s relationship. Yusuf receives a suspicious message and Melek walks right into Arzu’s trap.

Wednesday 24 August 2022
Episode 93 (506)

Erkut keeps Gonca locked up. Melek is sure that Yusuf and Arzu are working together when she receives an envelope. Yusuf gets evidence to prove Arzu and Umit is working together. Selim discovers Umit’s true colors.

Thursday 25 August 2022
Episode 94 (507)

Emotions run high as Tugce’s birthday is remembered. The net is closing in on Arzu and Umit. Selim declares war against Umit, and Erkut is caught up between Arzu and Gonca.

Friday 26 August 2022
Episode 95 (508)

Selim tells Aliye and Melek that Umit is working with Arzu. Gonca plans to expose Arzu to the Emiroglus, but something bad happens to her. Both Selim and Erkut seek revenge on Umit.

Monday 29 August 2022
Episode 96 (509)

Everyone is very worried about Gonca. Arzu and Umit’s plans are falling apart, and Umit’s secrets are becoming more by the day.

Tuesday 30 August 2022
Episode 97 (510)

Arzu sneaks into the hospital to finish Gonca off, but will it go according to plan? Selim considers an offer that shocks Umit, and Elif and Taylan try to find out what’s going on with Hakki.

Tuesday 31 August 2022
Wednesday 98 (511)

Arzu and Umit walk straight into Selim’s plan. Melek is worried about Zeynep and Selim’s marriage. Elif and Taylan try to help Hakki.

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